About Us

Help Out Nottingham aims to empower people to help those who beg or sleep rough in our city get off the streets for good, as well as challenging some common misconceptions. We want to help you to use your generosity in the best possible way.

Help Out Nottingham is brought to you by a group of organisations who work together in the city to help address the many complex issues faced by people who beg and sleep rough.

Together, we can help address the issues that are the root causes of rough sleeping and begging as part of a longer term solution to ensure that once people are off the streets, they stay off the streets for good.

When it comes to begging, rough sleeping and homelessness, the truth is there is no easy answer. Often the people concerned have complex needs, such as addictions and mental health issues. These need to be addressed at the same time as resolving their housing needs. Check out our MISCONCEPTIONS page for more information and clarification on common misconceptions.

As difficult as it can be to say no to someone asking you for money, it is an unfortunate fact that the many of those who are begging in the city are not homeless. Read our how to help pages to find out how you can make sure your generosity makes a positive difference.

Here you can also find out more about the services and support which are available in Nottingham. These cover the vast range of underlying causes leading to begging, rough sleeping and homelessness, from help with addictions and mental health issues to practical support for those who are sleeping rough. You can also find out how you can get involved in helping out. For more information please visit our SERVICES pages.

If you know of any other local charities, organisations or initiatives which help to address the complex issues underlying begging, rough sleeping and homelessness, please let us know via the CONTACT US page.

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